Parenting, the view of the Adult

Parenting is a process. It is an action, a reaction, an interaction. The process occurs between a parent and a child. Verbal and non-verbal. It encompasses emotional, mental, physical and spiritual attitudes.

It relates to all a father is and all a son is and to all they encounter and experience together. It is continuing developing and re-defining mother and daughter, and their relationship.

However, it is evaluated from an adult view.There is no such word as childing. There is no class for children in how to raise their elders. “How are you childing your mother?” is not something you hear on the playground.


“How are you childing your mother?”

Ha! This is worthwhile thinking about! How much would you want to be involved and have a say when your son was deciding for you? At the end it is about you… You would probably not want to jump on the couch when your daughter tells you to, or take the advice of your son to scream your lungs out when your neighbor is taking your car.

I guess you guessed it: What would be a word to describe the beautiful and magical process of love and learning between mothers, fathers and their sons and daughters? I have yet to come up with a word that describes the magical interaction from the view of the adult AND from the view of the child the way i talk about it in the coming pages.